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Redland City Residents Rally for Breast Cancer Awareness: Virtual Fun Runs Encourage Participation

Redland City Residents Rally for Breast Cancer Awareness: Virtual Fun Runs Encourage Participation
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Debbie Andersen, a devoted volunteer from Capalaba in Redlands, discovered her rare breast cancer while assisting at the Mater Cancer Care Centre in South Brisbane.

Diagnosed in 2020 with a malignant Phyllodes tumour, making up less than 1% of breast cancers, her journey is a testament to resilience.

Connecting Communities through Virtual Runs

Undeterred by a sold-out CBD event, Andersen urges Redland City residents to join ‘virtual’ fun runs, fostering community support.

Her encounter with breast cancer propels her commitment to the International Women’s Day Fun Run on March 10, raising funds for crucial research.

Unique Breast Cancer Variant Spur Action

Unlike common breast cancers, Phyllodes tumours originate in the breast’s connective tissue.

Andersen’s early detection and treatment, including surgery and radiation, highlight the importance of awareness. “I know firsthand what it’s like to have breast cancer, so knowing money raised from this event will go towards research to help other generations with the disease is comforting,” says Andersen.

Mater Foundation Leading the Charge

Andersen, a Mater volunteer, emphasises the event’s impact on future patients. Mater Foundation CEO Andrew Thomas commends the overwhelming support and encourages Queenslanders to join the virtual challenge.

Funds will bolster breast cancer research and provide essential services at Mater hospitals, including Redlands.

From Mater Volunteer to Breast Cancer Advocate

With over 3700 volunteer hours, Andersen not only navigated her cancer journey but also reassured others facing similar battles.

The virtual challenge offers a unique opportunity for Redland City residents to unite in support.

Mater Foundation’s Vision for a Healthier Future

Thomas assures that the virtual challenge accommodates diverse participation, from local parks to coastlines.

Redland City’s involvement aligns with the Mater Foundation’s broader goal of improving breast cancer services across multiple locations in Queensland.

Unveiling Strength through Adversity

As Redland City embraces the virtual challenge, Andersen’s story epitomises strength amidst adversity. Her resilience and commitment underscore the community’s power to make a lasting impact on breast cancer research and patient support.

In joining the International Women’s Day Fun Run, Redland City demonstrates solidarity in the fight against breast cancer, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

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