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Revolutionising Breast Cancer Surgery: Redland Hospital Leads with Magseed Technology

Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Surgery: Redland Hospital Leads with Magseed Technology

Innovative magnetic technology at Redland Hospital transforms breast cancer surgery experience

Redland Hospital has unveiled groundbreaking strides in breast cancer surgery, becoming the first in South-East Queensland to adopt Magseed technology for improved patient care.

This technology, a magnetic device the size of a grain of rice, has revolutionised pre-surgical procedures for breast cancer patients.

Comfort and Precision in Surgery

The introduction of Magseed technology has redefined the approach to locating cancer for removal and identifying crucial lymph nodes.

Dr. Prath Nakka, Director of Surgical Services, highlights its remarkable benefits, eliminating the need for invasive procedures like hookwire insertions and streamlining processes for patients, notably reducing stress and anxiety.

Beyond Comfort: Precision and Efficiency

The Magseed device, merely 5mm in size, has proven invaluable in pinpointing small, challenging-to-detect cancers, enhancing the accuracy of surgeries, and expediting patient recovery.

Moreover, its flexibility in insertion timing ensures patients don’t face prolonged wait times before surgery, optimising theatre schedules for enhanced efficiency.

Empowering Patients and Pioneering Care

The success and positive feedback from patients like Carol Hibbet, Sandra Smith, and Leonie Cortesi echo the sentiment of transformative care.

The less invasive nature of the Magseed insertion has left patients impressed and at ease, significantly impacting their surgical experiences.

A Compassionate Approach

Redland Hospital’s commitment extends beyond innovative technology. 

Its comprehensive breast care services offer a spectrum of options, including implant-based reconstruction and oncoplastic surgery, minimising the need for mastectomies and prioritising patient comfort.

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Care, Today

This advancement underscores Redland Hospital’s dedication to pioneering cutting-edge solutions and fostering a compassionate environment for patients navigating the challenges of breast cancer. 

Health Minister Shannon Fentiman commends this revolutionary technology, acknowledging its role in reducing procedures and alleviating patient stress.

Redland Hospital continues to set a high standard in cancer care, exemplifying excellence, compassion, and innovation in serving the Redlands Coast community.

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