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Redlands Nurse Ann Bennion Honoured with Mater Long Service Award

Redlands Nurse Ann Bennion Honored with Mater Long Service Award

Ann Bennion, a beloved surgical nurse from Redlands, received the Mater Long Service Award for her 15 years of dedicated patient care at Mater Private Hospital Redland.

Early Days At Mater Private Hospital Redland
Originally from the UK, she recalled that her family was among the first to be sponsored by Mater to work at the hospital in 2007. She fondly remembered her early days at Mater Private Hospital Redland, where a close-knit family atmosphere prevailed, with everyone supporting each other. This camaraderie, she emphasised, has remained unchanged over the years.

Fulfilling Career
Mrs Bennion expressed her genuine enjoyment of working at the hospital, attributing her attachment to Mater’s ethos and values. For Mrs Bennion, the most gratifying aspect of her work is witnessing patients recover and return home. She acknowledged, “Some of our patients stay with us for up to three weeks. When they finally head home, we know we’ve done a good job, and that’s truly special.” With immense pride, Mrs. Bennion expressed her intention to continue serving at Mater until her retirement.