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Unveiling STAR Tech: Redland’s Digital Revolution for Seniors

Unveiling STAR Tech: Redland's Digital Revolution for Seniors
Image courtesy of Facebook | STAR Community Services

Empowering Seniors to Embrace Technology for a Brighter Tomorrow

Seniors in Redland City, brace yourselves! The digital era isn’t just for the young; it’s a playground for the young at heart too.

STAR Tech, a groundbreaking program tailored exclusively for seniors, is revolutionising the way the older generation engages with technology.

Embracing the Digital Age

Recent years have seen a surge in seniors eager to embrace technology for various purposes.

STAR Tech’s Tech and Tea sessions have become a cornerstone in this digital revolution, offering personalised training, Android tablets, and exclusive monthly gatherings.

Joining the Digital Journey

This isn’t just about learning how to take better photos or making video calls; it’s about a transformative journey into a world where connectivity, knowledge, and entertainment merge seamlessly.

From online banking to staying in touch with loved ones, the possibilities are boundless.

The STAR Tech Experience

At STAR Tech, it’s not just about learning; it’s about experiencing technology.

The program offers small group training sessions, expert-led Tech and Tea gatherings, and a platform to connect with representatives from various services and experts in the field.

How to Get on Board

Getting involved is a breeze. Register through My Aged Care or directly contact STAR for a seamless entry into this tech-driven world. For those under Home Care Packages, STAR Tech is just a call away.

The Power of Connectivity

Supported by local councils and featuring collaborations with libraries, Telstra, and expert teams, STAR Tech’s recent Tech Expo was a resounding success, fostering vital discussions about the benefits of technology in retirement.

Embrace the Digital Age with STAR Tech

For those who thought the digital world was out of reach, STAR Tech is here to prove that age is no barrier to embracing technology.

For more information or to take the first step into this exciting digital world, contact STAR Tech at 3821 6699 or email

Join STAR Tech today and let the digital journey begin!