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Unlocking Housing Potential: $25 Million Investment in Redland City

Unlocking Housing Potential: $25 Million Investment in Redland City

Infrastructure Boost to Propel Housing Growth in Southern Queensland

The Palaszczuk Government’s recent commitment of $25 million from the Growth Acceleration Fund (GAF) is set to revolutionise housing development across South East Queensland (SEQ).

Specifically, the injection of funds into the road and sewerage infrastructure in Moreton Bay and Redlands promises to unlock approximately 3700 new housing lots, offering a significant impetus to the region’s residential landscape.

Joyner’s Sewerage Surge

One of the key initiatives under this investment is the $6.74 million earmarked for essential sewerage infrastructure in Joyner.

This project, set to commence in early 2024, aims to connect essential sewerage infrastructure to approximately 1800 lots, significantly bolstering residential development in the area.

Elimbah East’s Intersection Upgrade

A substantial portion of the investment, amounting to $10 million, will be directed towards upgrading the Pumicestone and Clinker Roads intersection in Elimbah East.

The planned enhancements encompass widening, traffic signals, turning lanes, and more, facilitating the development of around 1160 lots and future industrial land supply for Moreton Bay.

Redland Bay’s Intersection Overhaul

Southern Redland Bay is slated for a major transformation, with a $6.53 million upgrade planned for the Kidd Street and Serpentine Creek Road intersection.

This initiative seeks to accelerate the development of approximately 740 lots in nearby housing estates, promising a surge in construction jobs over the next two years.

A Forward Momentum

Deputy Premier Steven Miles highlighted the collaborative efforts between the government, councils, utility providers, and private-sector developers in fostering housing accessibility.

He emphasised the GAF’s role in supporting new development, benefiting existing landowners, future residents, and local communities by expediting crucial infrastructure for housing.

The strategic allocation of these funds underscores the government’s commitment to addressing housing needs and fostering sustainable growth.

With works set to commence and completion expected within specific timelines, the investment heralds a promising era for Redland City, propelling it towards a vibrant residential future.

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