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Sweet Delights Galore at the International Cake Show Australia in Brisbane

Sweet Delights Galore at the International Cake Show Australia in Brisbane
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Brisbane plays host to the spectacular International Cake Show Australia, transforming the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre’s Exhibition Hall 2 into a sugary wonderland.

From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th April, the event promises to be an enchanting experience for all.

A Feast for the Eyes and Tastebuds

Australia’s premier cake and cookie decorating, baking, and sugar art show is set to dazzle attendees with over 100 free demonstrations, celebrity chefs, and colossal sugar features.

This year introduces thrilling additions, including the 12m x 6m Sugar House of Horror and the French provincial flower shop-inspired Floriade Market.

Unmissable Highlights

The event presents the exciting “Clash of the Cookie Titans,” where leading cookie artists decorate under pressure, blindfolded, with audience participation.

Brisbane’s cake artist extraordinaire, Dan Greensill, returns with a 3m high edible Transformer.

The International Cake Off Challenge is a sweet battle, featuring Team Australia, Team International, and a team of rising stars, hosted by UK cake artist Rosie Dummer.

Barbie Sunday and Professional Pastry Chefs Challenge

Sunday brings Barbie and Ken-ergy, with Australia’s cake superstar, Verusca Walker, demonstrating Barbie cakes. 

The Professional Pastry Chefs Challenge sees top-tier teams from across the country creating show-stopping centrepieces. Sweet Street offers an abundance of delicious treats to devour or take home.

A Global Extravaganza in Brisbane

International Cake Show Australia CEO, Joan McDermott, anticipates record competitor registrations from across Australia and worldwide, including the UK, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, the Philippines and more.

With an unparalleled mix of food, design, colour, and competition, the event is a global sensation.

Save the Dates

Exhibition Hall 2, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, will be abuzz from 10 am to 4 pm daily.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the magic, defy possibilities, and break boundaries at this extraordinary event.

For bookings and information, visit here. Get ready for a tantalising journey into the world of edible artistry!

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