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Sustainable Energy Victory: Redland Bay Tennis Club Shines with REA Solar System

Sustainable Energy Victory: Redland Bay Tennis Club Shines with REA Solar System
Image courtesy of Facebook | Redland Bay Tennis Club

Powering Up, Thanks to Redland City Council Small Infrastructure Grant

In a glowing testament to its commitment to sustainable energy, the Redland Bay Tennis Club is now basking in the success of its newly installed REA Solar System, generously funded by the Redland City Council small infrastructure grant.

Harnessing Sunshine for a Greener Tomorrow

The REA solar system is not just a symbolic addition; it’s a practical investment that’s already proving its worth.

The Redland Bay Tennis Club is witnessing tangible benefits, with reduced electricity costs and a significant step towards self-sufficiency.

The installation of solar panels marks the first phase of their sustainability journey.

A Bright Future: Batteries on the Horizon

Excitement is palpable as the club plans to build on this success. 

Future plans include the integration of batteries, a move that will further enhance their self-sufficiency and reduce reliance on conventional power sources.

This forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with the global shift towards sustainable practices.

Community Support in Action

The Redland City Council’s support through the small infrastructure grant has played a pivotal role in making this project a reality.

The club expresses gratitude for the council’s backing, highlighting the collaborative effort to promote green initiatives within the community.

From Serve to Solar: A Winning Combination

As the Redland Bay Tennis Club serves up aces on the court, it’s also acing the game of sustainable energy.

This initiative not only adds a new dimension to the club but also sets a commendable standard for eco-friendly practices in the broader Australian market.

The REA Solar System is a shining example of how local support can power significant change towards a cleaner, greener future.

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