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Staying Safe Online: Redland City’s Digital Safety Workshop

Staying Safe Online: Redland City's Digital Safety Workshop

Safeguarding Against Digital Threats

Digital threats loom large in today’s connected world, but Redland City residents have a chance to bolster their online security.

The upcoming workshop at Cleveland Library, scheduled for Wednesday, 10 January 2024, from 10 to 11 a.m., offers invaluable insights to safeguard against the latest digital scams.

Empowering Digital Literacy

This free, interactive session caters to all adults, irrespective of age, aiming to fortify their understanding of evolving technology.

Attendees will master the art of identifying, reporting, and shielding their digital footprint, from financial transactions and social media profiles to personal devices and emails.

Hands-On Learning for Enhanced Protection

Participants are encouraged to bring their smartphones, tablets, or personal devices, transforming these ubiquitous gadgets from potential vulnerabilities into fortified shields.

The workshop demystifies everyday tech and smart devices, ensuring a worry-free digital experience.

Accessing a World of Digital Resources

Moreover, attendees will explore the wealth of free digital resources offered by the libraries.

Armed with newfound knowledge, they can confidently access and utilise these resources, enriching their digital journey.

Registration Details

This event, tailored for adults, requires prior registration due to limited space. 

In an era where cyber threats abound, knowledge becomes the ultimate armour. Attendees are invited to join the Cleveland Library workshop, where they can enrich their digital literacy and bolster their online presence.

This is an unmissable opportunity to navigate the digital sphere securely and with confidence!