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Stanthorpe Lions Club’s Vibrant Fundraiser Leaves Lasting Impact

Stanthorpe Lions Club's Vibrant Fundraiser Leaves Lasting Impact
Image courtesy of Facebook | District 201Q1 Lions

Stanthorpe Lions Club: Adding a Splash of Colour for a Worthy Cause

Residents of Redland City, brace yourselves for a vibrant wave of philanthropy sweeping through our community, inspired by the recent “A Pop of Colour” dinner hosted by the Lions Club of Stanthorpe.

The event, held in support of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), not only left attendees bedazzled with its colourful theme but also made a significant impact on those in need.

A Night of Colourful Generosity

Over the weekend, Lions Club of Stanthorpe President Sam Costanzo stole the spotlight as he presented a generous donation of $1,000 to LCIF District and QLD State Coordinator IPDG Ian Bruning.

The theme of the evening, “A Pop of Colour,” transformed the venue into a kaleidoscope of hues, with attendees donning vibrant attire to match the spirited atmosphere.

Redland City Connection

President Christine and Richard of the Capalaba Lions Club, having spent the weekend in Stanthorpe, celebrated their win at the silent auction—a full-day wine tour.

The Stanthorpe affair not only raised over $1,000 for LCIF but also showcased the unity and generosity embedded in the Lions Clubs across different regions.

A Heartfelt Thank You

The success of the event is credited to Lions Kaylene and Stuart Perrett, who graciously hosted the evening.

The funds raised, 100% of which go to those in need, reinforce the Lions Club of Stanthorpe’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

The “A Pop of Colour” dinner was more than just a festive evening; it was a testament to the compassion and generosity thriving within our Australian community. The ripple effect of this vibrant event is sure to resonate, leaving a lasting mark on Redland City and beyond.

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