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Speak Up: Queensland’s Draft Redland Housing Strategy

Speak Up: Queensland's Draft Redland Housing Strategy
Image courtesy of Redland City Council

The Redlands Coast community must provide input on the Queensland Government’s draft Redland Housing Strategy by this Sunday, 12 November.

Queensland Government’s draft Redland Housing Strategy and your Voice

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams emphasised the critical nature of this engagement, highlighting the potential significant impacts the strategy might have on the city.

She urged residents to share their perspectives, underscoring the importance of their voices in the decision-making process.

Let us watch as Mayor Williams talks about the Queensland Government’s Redland Housing Strategy and the importance of your participation and impact on the community.

Mayor Williams encouraged locals to participate actively, stressing the role of community input in steering the proposed changes.

As the deadline approaches, residents are being called upon to seize this opportunity to make their concerns and suggestions heard.

Participate and contribute

For those seeking additional details on the strategy, including consultation activities and supporting documents, comprehensive information is available on the Queensland Government’s Redland Housing Strategy project webpage.

This resource serves as a central hub for all relevant information, ensuring that residents are well-informed as they contribute to shaping the future of their community.


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