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ShapingSEQ Regional Plan: Redland City’s Infrastructure Call

ShapingSEQ Regional Plan: Redland City's Infrastructure Call

In navigating Redland City’s growth, securing infrastructure commitments is pivotal for sustainable development.

The state’s Growth Proposal Leaves Infrastructure in Question

The Queensland Government’s ShapingSEQ Regional Plan has unveiled ambitious urban expansion, including the addition of 900+ hectares to Southern Thornlands.

However, Redland City Council highlights a critical gap: the lack of an infrastructure commitment to support this substantial growth.

Infrastructure: A Missing Piece

Mayor Karen Williams asserts the necessity of state-backed upgrades to support the proposed expansion.

With an estimated influx of 15,000 new residents in Southern Thornlands alone and a projected rise in dwellings across the Redlands Coast from 65,000 to 85,000 by 2046, infrastructure improvements are imperative.

Unmet Needs for Growth

Despite the regional plan’s focus on accommodating 2.2 million new people and 900,000 homes in the next two decades, concerns loom over the inadequacy of the proposed four-year funding for essential infrastructure.

Council of Mayors Chair Adrian Schrinner echoes these concerns, citing the insufficiency of infrastructure commitments in proportion to projected growth.

Redland’s Population Surge

The projected surge in Redland Coast’s population from 161,700 in 2021 to 212,000 by 2046 signifies a 31% increase, demanding strategic investments in transportation, healthcare, education, and emergency services.

Mayor Williams stresses the urgency of commitments towards essential upgrades like busway extensions, rail line duplications, and critical road enhancements.

Infrastructure as Vital Facets

Elevating concerns and the necessity for robust infrastructure precede substantial growth.

The plea resonates for comprehensive enhancements to Duncan, Mt. Cotton, and boundary roads, finishing Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd.’s duplication alongside vital health, education, and public transport facilities.

Bridging the Gap

In essence, while the ShapingSEQ plan promises expansive growth, the Queensland Government must match this vision with a steadfast commitment to essential infrastructure development.

Redland City’s prosperity hinges on bridging this critical gap to sustainably accommodate and support its burgeoning population.

Brini Wines