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School Holidays Unleashed: Redlands Coast Abuzz with Adventure

School Holidays Unleashed: Redlands Coast Abuzz with Adventure
Image courtesy of Redlands IndigiScapes Centre

Festive Cheer and Enthralling Activities Await on Redlands Coast

The school bell’s last ring signals the start of a fun-filled holiday season on the Redlands Coast.

Mayor Karen Williams unveils a captivating array of activities catering to all ages across various venues, promising an exhilarating break for youngsters.

A Plenitude of Experiences

With an exciting lineup of events across Redland City Council venues, children of diverse interests find their haven.

From craft to magic, anime to artsy endeavours, and outdoor escapades, the options are endless.

What’s more? Nearly all Council-hosted activities are free, bringing joy to local families.

Diverse Adventures Await

December activities include festive-themed crafting, interactive storytime sessions, comic book art, puppet shows, and more.

Teenagers can revel in Anime X club gatherings, gaming sessions, and creative artistry.

Engaging in the Redlands Coast Summer Reading Challenge ensures a thrilling literary journey with unique challenges and weekly prizes.

Nature’s Playground Beckons

For those seeking outdoor exploits, Redlands IndigiScapes Centre invites children to reconnect with nature.

From self-guided explorations to bush walks, picnics, and immersive activities at the Discovery Centre, the Centre offers a haven for nature lovers.

Interactive smartphone-based games through Agents of Discovery missions add an extra layer of excitement.

Skill-Building Extravaganza

Aspiring performers and artisans can hone their craft at Flipside Circus workshops, mastering skills like trapeze, hula hoop, and juggling.

A clay stop-motion animation workshop at Redland Art Gallery in January provides a creative outlet for young minds.

Uniting Laughter, Learning, and Leisure

Redlands Coast embraces the holiday spirit, providing an eclectic mix of entertainment and educational experiences.

Mayor Williams invites families to partake in this vibrant celebration, where laughter, learning, and leisure unite in perfect harmony.