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Rev Your Engines for a Cause: Holden Out For A Cure All Holden Day

Rev Your Engines for a Cause: Holden Out For A Cure All Holden Day
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Calling all car enthusiasts and Holden aficionados! Mark your calendars for a day of vintage charm and roaring engines at the Redland Showgrounds.

On 26 November 2023, the FX-FJ Holden Club of Queensland Inc. proudly presents ‘Holden Out For A Cure All Holden Day‘ – an event that promises to rev up your love for classic automobiles while supporting a noble cause.

A Proud Heritage: Shaping Australia’s Roads

From the historic launch by Prime Minister Ben Chifley in 1948 to the bittersweet farewell in 2017, Holden has woven itself into the fabric of Australia’s automotive history.

The first Holden car launched with a resounding “she’s a beauty” garnered over 18,000 orders before the assembly line kicked into gear. 

Fast forward to the poignant moment in 2017 when the last red Holden Commodore V8 rolled off the line, marking the end of an era for both Holden and Australia’s car manufacturing.

A Display That Honours Tradition

From the classic beauties of yesteryear to the sleek modern marvels, this event celebrates everything Holden. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your prized Holdens from 1948 to 2017.

But it’s not just about the cars – it’s about rallying together for a cause. In partnership with The Cancer Council Queensland—Redland Branch, this event serves a greater purpose: supporting the fight against cancer.

Join the Celebration

Early birds get the proverbial worm—or, rather, an exclusive entry plaque! Secure your spot before October 31st for $20. Judging and Display Only participants post-October 31st can still join the fun for $30.

Don’t miss out on this showcase; gates open to the public at 9 a.m., with general admission at $10 and free entry for children under 15.

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