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Redlands RSL: Spreading Festive Cheer in Redland City’s Hospitals

Redlands RSL: Spreading Festive Cheer in Redland City's Hospitals

Bringing Joy to Young Patients at Redland Hospital

During this holiday season, Redlands RSL has showcased the true spirit of generosity by extending a heartfelt gesture to the young patients of Redland Hospital’s Lamb Ward and Paediatric Emergency Department.

Their benevolent donation of Christmas gifts has lit up the faces of children receiving care, bringing a ray of joy during their hospital stay.

Spreading Festive Cheer and Joy to the Community

Expressing gratitude, Redland RSL General Manager Peter Harrison conveyed the organisation’s deep-rooted commitment to the community, particularly during festive times.

At Redlands RSL, our dedication to enriching the community’s well-being is unwavering,” he affirmed. “We’re delighted to bring happiness and contribute to the young ones in Lamb Ward. These gifts are intended to create smiles and moments of joy during the festive period.”

Fostering Community Support Amidst Challenges

Aleria Harrold, the Women’s and Children’s Nurse Unit Manager, profoundly acknowledged Redlands RSL’s considerate act, highlighting its significance in fostering a sense of community and support during challenging times.

Amid illness, these gifts transcend mere material items; they symbolise communal care and encouragement, providing solace and happiness to the young patients of Lamb Ward and the Emergency Department,” she expressed.

Embracing Community Spirit

Such initiatives resonate deeply in the Australian landscape, where community bonds and support systems hold immense value.

Redlands RSL’s initiative aligns seamlessly with the ethos of fostering unity and well-being within our communities.

Beyond Presents

The impact of these thoughtful donations extends far beyond wrapped presents; they signify solidarity, care, and a shared commitment to uplift those in need.

Redlands RSL has woven a tapestry of goodwill, illuminating the holiday season for the little patients of Redland City’s hospitals.