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Redlands Coast Welcomes Council’s Affordable Housing Initiative

Redlands Coast Welcomes Council's Affordable Housing Initiative
Image courtesy of Redland City Council

Redlands Coast, Dec. 18 — In a bid to support and promote affordable housing initiatives on Redlands Coast, Redland City Council has given the green light to a groundbreaking Affordable Housing Policy during their latest general meeting.

Affordable Housing Initiative at Redland City

Mayor Karen Williams emphasised that while the responsibility for affordable and social housing doesn’t solely fall on local government, the endorsed policy aims to make a positive impact on residents facing challenges in securing affordable housing.

“Local government may not bear the primary responsibility for affordable housing, but there are meaningful measures we can put in place to contribute,” stated Cr Williams.

The newly adopted policy extends support to community housing providers striving to bring affordable housing to the Redlands Coast. This involves offering substantial incentives, such as discounts on development application fees and infrastructure charges, fee waivers for the Council’s pre-lodgement service, and expediting application decision-making periods.

“We anticipate that these measures will serve as catalysts for the development of more affordable and diverse housing options, addressing the long-term needs of our community,” added Cr Williams.

Highlights of Redland City Council’s Affordable Housing Policy

  • 50% Discount Entitlement: Community housing providers will receive a 50% discount on development application fees and infrastructure charges, capped at a maximum value of $250,000 per development.
  • Five-Year Availability: The discounts will be applicable for five years or until the total funding pool, amounting to $1 million in foregone revenue, is exhausted.
  • Commencement Timeline: Building works must commence within two years of receiving approval.
  • Fee Waiver: A community housing provider delivering affordable housing on Redlands Coast will benefit from a waived $533 pre-lodgement meeting fee.
  • Fast-Tracked Assessments: Code assessable affordable housing proposals meeting specific criteria will undergo expedited assessments, with a maximum decision period of 20 days instead of the standard 35 days.

The Affordable Housing Policy takes immediate effect, marking a significant step towards fostering accessible and diverse housing solutions for Redlands Coast residents.

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