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Redland City SES Volunteers Extend Aid Beyond Local Borders

Redland City SES Volunteers Extend Aid Beyond Local Borders
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Local heroes extend their support to cyclone-hit North Queensland

In a remarkable show of solidarity, seven Redland City SES Unit members have rushed to Cairns to bolster the response efforts led by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Jasper.

Rising to the Occasion

Led by Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group Chair Cr. Karen Williams, this team departure marks a pivotal moment.

These volunteers, part of a larger contingent from south-east Queensland, are poised to offer immediate assistance upon the cyclone’s landfall.

An Unprecedented Move

It’s a first for Redland City SES members to be pre-deployed before a cyclone’s coastal crossing, ensuring they’re at the forefront to provide essential aid and easing the strain on North Queensland crews who’ve been tirelessly preparing for the impact.

Selfless Service in Action

These volunteers exemplify unwavering dedication, typically working on a five-day deployment schedule.

Their commitment to safeguarding communities extends far beyond local boundaries, as demonstrated in past deployments to regions stricken by cyclones, storms, and floods across Australia.

A Remarkable Legacy

With a history of selflessness, including aid in New South Wales and Western Australia, and recent support during the 2022 Casino flooding, Redland City’s SES volunteers continue to uphold their reputation as genuine community heroes.

These volunteers’ readiness and swift action to lend their expertise embody the true spirit of community service.

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