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Redland City SES Recognised for Gender Equality Advocacy

Redland City SES Recognised for Gender Equality Advocacy
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The Redland City State Emergency Service (SES) has been honoured with the Women in Fire and Emergency Services Award for its remarkable strides in promoting gender equality within the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). This accolade highlights the dedication of both paid and volunteer members in fostering an inclusive environment.

A Trailblazer’s Journey

Anne-Marie Bennett, a longstanding volunteer since 1988, embodies the spirit of leadership and empowerment. Beginning as the sole female member, Anne-Marie has witnessed a significant shift, with female volunteers now comprising 42% of the 160-strong team spread across 6 islands and the mainland.

Leading by Example

Anne-Marie’s leadership as a Leading Field Operations Officer has been pivotal. Her commitment to mentoring and training has not only enhanced the skills of SES members but has also fostered a culture of gender equity. Through her efforts, Anne-Marie has empowered women to overcome barriers and excel within the SES, with over 40 women now established within the Redland City SES Unit.

Empowering Through Education

Anne-Marie’s passion for first aid has led to the creation of a dedicated platform, ‘First Aid and Moulage’, boasting 663 members. This initiative underscores her commitment to ensuring both SES members and the community are equipped to handle medical emergencies effectively.

A Vision for Leadership

When asked about her perspective on leadership, Anne-Marie emphasised the importance of collective vision and trust within a team. Her approach, grounded in respect and empowerment, has not only yielded tangible results but has also inspired a new generation of leaders within the Redland City SES.

In celebrating Anne-Marie’s unwavering dedication, the Redland City SES acknowledges her profound impact on the community and her instrumental role in shaping a more inclusive emergency response landscape.

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