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Redlands: Ground Zero in the Palaszczuk Government’s Housing and Health Infrastructure Battle

Redland City housing and health

Redland City, May 30, 2023 – Redland City housing and health sectors ignite fierce debates. Parliament witnessed an intense session, summarised below:

Deputy Premier’s Housing Agenda for Redlands
Dr. Miles, Deputy Premier, launched a gutsy housing strategy for Redlands:
Unlocking Dormant Land: The government, partnering with Redland City Council, targets to unleash underused lands in south-east Queensland.

Outdoing Opposition’s Housing Record: With 4,300 new social houses since the election, the Palaszczuk government outperforms the opposition, building 10 social houses each week.

Health Infrastructure: Redlands’ Satellite Hospital Nears Launch
Health Minister, Ms. Fentiman, caused a stir, announcing the imminent operation of the Redlands Satellite Hospital:
Lessening Emergency Departments’ Burden: This new addition to Redland City’s health infrastructure aims to lighten the load on emergency departments, providing timely care.

Redland City Housing and Health Infrastructure Battle

Political Drama: Opposition leaders, including LNP candidate Rebecca Young, face flak for their alleged non-support for the satellite hospital.

Opposition’s Quandary: Sincere U-turn or Political Showmanship?
Amidst the Redland City housing and health debate, the opposition’s uncertain stance sparks controversy. Rebecca Young’s wavering views on the satellite hospital trigger questions – genuine change or political showmanship? The verdict is pending.

Public Feedback: Redlands in the Limelight
As Redlands turns into a heated debate hub, public sentiment flows. Is the government upholding its promise, or are citizens trapped in a political contest? The discourse is live, and your input counts. Get involved.

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