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Redland City Delights in ‘Farmer Will Swap Combine Harvester for Wife’ Comedy Play

Redland City Delights in ‘Farmer Will Swap Combine Harvester for Wife’ Comedy Play
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Celebrating Australia Day, Redland Museum and Mates Theatre Genesis Inc. (MATES) present a rib-tickling yet thought-provoking theatrical extravaganza, ‘Farmer Will Swap Combine Harvester for Wife’.

This comedic rollercoaster, directed by Adelle O’Connell and Amanda Lay, promises evenings filled with laughter, some tears, and plenty of surprises.

An Unusual Quest Unfolds

Cyril Evans, a 59-year-old bachelor farmer, sets the stage with a daring ad in Queensland Country Life, triggering a cascade of events with both comical and serious repercussions.

His plea? To exchange his John Deere combine harvester for a wife of ‘breeding age.’ As the story unfolds, audiences witness a parade of characters landing on Cyril’s doorstep, from the enigmatic Roxanne “Roxfox” Foxton to the steadfast Skye Weston, each adding their own flair to the chaos.

A Theatrical Tradition Continues

This production marks the continuation of a fifteen-year tradition of Australia Day plays jointly produced by MATES and the Redland Museum. 

The event, held at the charming Redland Museum, has become a local cultural favourite, captivating audiences with its blend of comedy, drama, and touching moments.

A Wholesome Experience

Attendees can relish not only the captivating show but also a delectable two-course meal or delightful afternoon tea, accompanied by an opportunity to explore the museum’s fascinating exhibits.

The evening performances, complete with a ‘Whip Crackin’ Bolognese Loaded Potato’ and an ‘Apple Harvest Pot Crumble’ dessert, promise an immersive experience that tantalises the taste buds.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Beyond entertainment, this event serves as a major fundraiser, extending its appreciation for the community’s continuous support.

Raffle tickets with enticing prizes further amplify the allure of this cultural celebration.

A Cultural Gem for Redland City

Audiences are invited to attend the evening or matinee performances from January 25th to February 4th at the Redland Museum, located at 60 Smith Street, Cleveland, QLD 4163.

These shows promise an experience filled with laughter, moments of contemplation, and a joyful celebration of community essence. Ticket prices begin at $30, and reservations will be available shortly.

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