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Peer Support Excellence Recognised: Tim Willis Wins State Award

Peer Support Excellence Recognised: Tim Willis Wins State Award
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Tim Willis, a Leading Field Operations Operator at Redland City SES Unit, has been honoured with the prestigious Olga Wilson Peer Support Officer award for his exceptional dedication and contribution to mental health support within the unit and beyond. Since joining in 2014, Tim has exemplified integrity, confidentiality, and compassionate care, earning him recognition not only from his peers but also from the wider community.

A Beacon of Support

Tim’s journey as a Peer Support Officer began with a genuine desire to formalise support structures within the unit. Recognising the need for such roles, he stepped up to offer his assistance, driven by a commitment to the well-being of his fellow members and their families. His approach, characterised by empathy and attentiveness, has made him a trusted confidante and a valuable asset to the team.

A Worthy Recognition

His win at the state level underscores his outstanding contributions, not only in supporting the mental health of members but also in mentoring other Peer Support Officers. Tim’s expertise has been acknowledged not just locally but across regions, reflecting the depth of impact he has had in his role.

Looking Ahead

Tim’s dedication to his role as the PSO Co-ordinator for Brisbane Region exemplifies his commitment to fostering a supportive network. His collaborative efforts with professionals in psychology and mental health have enriched the support ecosystem within the unit, ensuring that members receive the assistance they need, when they need it.

A Shared Appreciation

The Redland City SES Unit and its members extend their heartfelt gratitude to Tim for his unwavering dedication and support. As he continues his journey, Tim remains a beacon of hope and strength, embodying the essence of peer support within the community.

In celebrating Tim’s achievement, we also acknowledge the importance of peer support in promoting mental well-being, a universal need that transcends geographical boundaries. As Australia’s commitment to mental health awareness grows, stories like Tim’s serve as a testament to the power of empathy and support in building resilient communities.