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Ormiston College Shines in Australian Geography Competition

Ormiston College Shines in Australian Geography Competition
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Geographical Genius: Ormiston College Students Triumph State and Nation

Ormiston College (OC) has emerged as a powerhouse in the Australian Geography Competition, showcasing unparalleled dedication and knowledge.

Their recent achievements have not only secured a prominent position in Queensland but also propelled them into the national spotlight.

State-Level Brilliance

OC’s exceptional performance secured them the second position in Queensland, a testament to their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for Geography.

Although narrowly missing the top spot this year, their determination fuels aspirations for a triumphant return next year.

Nationally Noteworthy

Beyond state boundaries, OC’s students have claimed a spot in the nation’s top 8—a remarkable jump from 10th in 2022 to an impressive 8th in 2023.

This progress underscores their deep understanding and competitive prowess in Geography, inspiring peers and affirming OC’s academic excellence.

Celebrating Excellence

Individual brilliance is celebrated too, with Max Challenor, Zoe Hargrave, William Park, and Declan Field achieving in the top 1% nationally—an extraordinary feat.

Amidst 712 participating schools, OC’s triumph reflects unparalleled dedication and skills.

The exceptional performances underscore the students’ commitment, showcasing a profound understanding of Geography.

This success isn’t just a triumph for OC; it’s a testament to their enduring pursuit of excellence.

OC’s Geography Triumph as a Testament to Academic Prowess

Ormiston College’s exceptional showing in the Australian Geography Competition is a testament to their students’ determination and depth of knowledge.

As they rise through the state and national ranks, their success resonates as a testament to their academic prowess.