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New Bellbird Park State School Opening Delayed by Severe Weather

New Bellbird Park State School Opening Delayed by Severe Weather

Unforeseen Weather Events Impact Launch Plans

The highly anticipated opening of the new Bellbird Park State School on Harris Street in Ipswich, slated for Day 1 of the 2024 school year, has faced unexpected delays due to severe weather conditions over the Christmas and New Year period.

The Honourable Di Farmer, Minister for Education, announced today that construction crews are facing challenges completing crucial outdoor play areas and fire egress works on the waterlogged site.

Temporary Relocation to Woogaroo Creek State School

To ensure a smooth start to the academic year, enrolled students and staff will temporarily attend Woogaroo Creek State School in Augustine Heights while construction is finalised at Bellbird Park.

The relocation, just 3.8 kilometres away, aims to minimise disruption, with transportation arrangements provided to facilitate seamless commuting between the two schools.

Optimistic Outlook for Day 1 Learning

Teaching and learning will commence as scheduled on 22 January 2024 at Woogaroo Creek State School, with plans to transition to the new Bellbird Park site once construction is completed in a safe environment.

The Department of Education, in collaboration with ADCO Constructions, is actively communicating arrangements to parents, caregivers, and staff.

Redland City’s Educational Landscape Expands

The new Bellbird Park State School, part of the Queensland government’s commitment to delivering a world-class education, joins the $75 million Scenic Shores State School in Redland Bay as one of two state-of-the-art schools opening in 2024.

Despite the setback, the ambitious goal of providing quality education remains at the forefront, with 168 students eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Bellbird Park State School’s cutting-edge facilities.

Community Resilience and Future Celebrations

Member for Bundamba, Lance McCallum, expressed disappointment over the weather impact but remains committed to the community’s safety.

As construction progresses, anticipation builds for the grand opening, where Bellbird Park State School will stand as a testament to educational excellence in the heart of Redland City.