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Mater Paediatrician Dr Clara Menezes Elevates Child Health in Redland City

Mater Paediatrician Dr Clara Menezes Elevates Child Health in Redland City
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Nurturing Young Lives in Redland City

In a bid to enhance the health and well-being of the youngest residents of Redland City, Mater Private Hospital Redland has welcomed Dr. Clara Menezes, a seasoned paediatrician with a 25-year track record.

Dr. Menezes is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care for children from birth to 16 years, addressing day-to-day concerns and developmental delays.

Holistic Approach to Childcare

Dr. Menezes, passionate about supporting parents through challenges, emphasises the importance of accessing available services.

Her special interests include growth and development issues, allergies, and the role of genetic and epigenetic factors in chronic conditions.

With experience in forensic and child protection paediatrics and indigenous health, she advocates for a holistic approach that considers the social and cultural aspects of health.

A Beacon of Hope for Preterm Babies

Beyond her role in Redland City, Dr. Menezes is also significantly impacting Mater Private Hospital Mackay and Mater Mothers’ neonatal unit in Brisbane.

Her expertise in neonatal care, especially for preterm babies, reflects a commitment to making their lives more comfortable.

Dr. Menezes, who has worked in regional hospitals for an extended period, expresses her joy in balancing city life with her dedication to paediatrics.

Caring Leadership at Mater Private Hospital, Redland

Drew Kear, General Manager of Mater Private Hospital Redland, expressed his enthusiasm for Dr. Menezes joining the team.

He highlighted her caring nature and extensive expertise, noting the positive impact she would have on local families seeking paediatric support.

A Healthier Future for Redland City’s Youth

Dr. Clara Menezes brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to paediatric care in Redland City.

As she consults fortnightly at Mater Private Hospital Redland, local families now have enhanced access to expert support, ensuring the health and well-being of the region’s youngest members.

For appointments or referrals, contact Dr. Menezes at 3163 7330 or

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