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Lava Blue Sparks Growth in Queensland’s Battery Revolution

Lava Blue Sparks Growth in Queensland's Battery Revolution
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PRiSM Centre Expansion Set to Propel Queensland as the Battery Industry Capital

Innovative Research at the Forefront in Redlands

Lava Blue, a pioneering startup in the battery industry, is expanding its Predictive Research into Speciality Materials (PRiSM) centre in Redlands, Queensland.

Minister for State Development, Grace Grace, visited the cutting-edge facility to witness firsthand Lava Blue’s research into developing High Purity Alumina (HPA), a crucial component in LEDs and lithium-ion batteries.

Sustainable Solutions from North West Queensland Minerals

Partnering with the Queensland University of Technology and mining groups in North Western and North Queensland, Lava Blue extracts minerals from sapphire-bearing kaolin clay deposits.

The process converts mine waste from cobalt and nickel mining activities into high-value HPA. Planning is underway to transition from research to small-scale commercial production, aiming for an annual output of 800 to 1000 tonnes of HPA.

Queensland’s Strategic Position in the Global Battery Market

The expansion positions Queensland as a key player in the global battery market, aligning with the Miles Government’s $570 million Queensland Battery Industry Strategy.

The state aims to become the preferred global supplier of sustainable battery materials by 2030, creating thousands of jobs and billion-dollar economic opportunities.

Diverse Applications and Solar-Powered Innovation

The facility’s expansion allows Lava Blue to showcase additional uses of its HPA processing systems for battery manufacturing.

Moreover, PRiSM will soon feature as one of Australia’s first solar-powered, battery-integrated light industrial facilities, thanks to a 1.25MW/250kWh containerised battery on-site.

Quotes Reflecting Optimism and Growth

Lava Blue managing Director, Michael McCann, emphasises Queensland’s potential to be a significant global supplier in the 21st century.

The Battery Industry Strategy, combining local processing of Queensland’s minerals with world-class research, positions the state as a leader in critical minerals and batteries.

Lava Blue Director, Michael Ford, underscores the urgency to harness the opportunity, envisioning a future with great job prospects and opportunities for businesses, startups, and researchers, while contributing to global sustainability.

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