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JAG Welding’s Innovation Sparks Job Growth in Redland City

JAG Welding's Innovation Sparks Job Growth in Redland City

In a significant boost to local manufacturing, JAG Welding, a stalwart in the industry for over two decades, has been awarded a substantial $794,146.25 grant through the Made in Queensland program.

This funding, part of Round 5, will facilitate the acquisition of cutting-edge technology, propelling JAG Welding to new heights.

Revolutionising Operations with Robotics

The substantial Miles Government manufacturing grant is set to empower JAG Welding with a state-of-the-art robotic welding arm and accompanying software.

This leap in technology is anticipated to not only streamline operations and reduce customer wait time by 33%, but also enhance employee safety, profitability, and overall efficiency.

A Jobs Boom for Redland City

The ambitious project is predicted to generate 15 new full-time positions initially, with the potential to scale up to 33 over the next five years.

Managing Director of JAG Welding, David Shepherd, expressed optimism, emphasising that grants of this nature are pivotal in offering businesses a competitive edge and fostering job growth.

Fostering Economic Growth

Made in Queensland, a successful grant program championed by the Miles Government, has already injected $20.5 million across 33 projects in its fifth round alone.

Over the past five rounds, the program has supported over 100 businesses, creating a staggering 800 jobs.

This robust commitment forms part of the Miles Government’s broader strategy, with over $207 million invested in Queensland manufacturers, yielding over 7,000 jobs statewide.

Member for Redlands Commends Growth

Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, applauded the Miles Labour Government’s dedication to securing jobs, underscoring the positive impact on the local workforce.

Richards highlighted that initiatives like these enable businesses such as JAG Welding to expand, further contributing to the region’s economic prosperity.

Attracting Diverse Talent

In an inspiring move, JAG Welding aims to make manufacturing more inclusive. Managing Director David Shepherd acknowledged the challenges of attracting women to traditionally male-dominated roles.

With a focus on creating a more appealing work environment, JAG Welding hopes to encourage more women to consider manufacturing careers.

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