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Community Collaboration Urged to Combat Vandalism in Redland City

Community Collaboration Urged to Combat Vandalism in Redland City
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Urgent Response to Costly Vandalism

Redland City Council has issued a call to action for residents to join forces in curbing vandalism, following recent costly damages to public facilities. 

Mayor Karen Williams emphasised the pivotal role residents play in assisting authorities by reporting suspicious activities to the Queensland Police Service via online platforms such as Policelink and Crime Stoppers.

Financial Impact: Vandalism Disrupts Public Amenities

Vandalism has inflicted significant costs upon the community, disrupting public facility usage.

Recent incidents, including the damage to Thornlands’ playground equipment, have incurred repair expenses estimated at $400,000, leading to temporary closures during the busy Christmas season.

Community Engagement for Prevention

Mayor Williams reiterated the Council’s zero-tolerance stance on vandalism and urged proactive reporting.

Collaborative efforts involving residents reporting damages to Council on 3829 8999 and utilising tools like the VandalTrak app are encouraged.

Strategies like graffiti removal patrols and educational programs form part of the Council’s multifaceted approach to combating vandalism.

Enforcement and Future Measures

The council, in partnership with law enforcement agencies and neighbouring councils, is actively pursuing graffiti prevention measures. 

Efforts extend to collaborations with the Federal Graffiti Forum Taskforce to explore cost-effective and impactful models for graffiti reduction and management.

Recovery in Progress

The council is actively addressing the recent incidents, with replacement equipment ordered and repairs estimated for completion by March 2024. 

Meanwhile, unaffected areas within parks remain accessible for public use.

Safeguarding Public Spaces Together

Residents are urged to collaborate in safeguarding public facilities by promptly reporting any damage or suspicious behaviour.

By working collectively, the community can safeguard these spaces, ensuring they remain open and enjoyable for Redlands Coast residents.

Vandalism poses a substantial threat to public amenities and communal spaces. The Council’s plea for community support underscores the critical role each resident plays in preserving these cherished facilities for the enjoyment of all.

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