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Coles Invests $1.45 Million in Sustainable Farming Across Australia

Coles Invests $1.45 Million in Sustainable Farming Across Australia
Coles dairy farmers Benjamin and Melissa Holloway (supplied)

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable farming, Coles, the Australian retail giant, has allocated $1.45 million in grants to support 100 of its direct-sourcing dairy farms.

The initiative, known as the Dairy Farm Sustainability Accelerator Fund, aims to foster innovation and fund projects focusing on animal welfare, solar energy, and infrastructure enhancements.

Empowering Dairy Farmers for a Greener Future

Under the direct sourcing model, Coles partners with farms in Victoria, Southern New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

These farms supply over 490 million litres of milk annually for Coles Brand Fresh milk and Coles Brand cheese.

Brad Gorman, Coles General Manager of Dairy, Freezer, and Convenience, stated, “We want to give our direct sourcing dairy farmers opportunities to invest in research and projects that boost sustainable farming and drive innovation.”

Diverse Projects for a Sustainable Impact

Grant recipients include Benjamin and Melissa Holloway, who will use funds to install an 80kw solar roof system on their Victorian farm.

The system is expected to generate an additional 106,000 kw per year in clean, renewable energy.

The Parkinson family, another recipient, plans to construct a 100ML mega dam to store excess wastewater and provide water throughout the summer and autumn, showcasing their commitment to lasting change.

Collaborative Sustainability Efforts

These initiatives are part of the Coles Sustainable Dairy Development Group’s ongoing work to support direct-supply dairy farmers in becoming more sustainable.

To date, the group has invested over $3.78 million in on-farm initiatives, including farmer education, training, and improvements in herd health and milk quality.

As the projects unfold, Coles anticipates a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving soil quality, water management, biodiversity, and animal welfare.

The Dairy Farm Sustainability Accelerator Fund represents a critical step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the Australian dairy industry.

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