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Cleveland Aquatic Centre Successfully Completes Amenities Upgrade

Cleveland Aquatic Centre Successfully Completes Amenities Upgrade
Image courtesy of Redland City Council

In a significant milestone, the female amenities at Cleveland Aquatic Centre have reopened following an extensive refurbishment initiative.

Cleveland Aquatic Centre Unveils Upgraded Female Amenities

The comprehensive upgrade involved a range of improvements, such as repainting walls, replacing flooring materials, and installing new toilets, partitions, hand basins, and showers.

This development closely follows the successful completion of a similar upgrade to the male amenities on November 8. These amenities and upgrades represent the inaugural phase of a carefully staged refurbishment plan at Cleveland Aquatic Centre.

Planning for the future

Looking ahead, the Council has outlined a series of forthcoming infrastructure enhancements and routine maintenance projects. These include repainting the building exteriors and concrete paths, replacing sections of perimeter fencing, and conducting essential maintenance on the pool pumps and filters.

The Council’s commitment to the ongoing improvement of Cleveland Aquatic Centre underscores its dedication to providing a top-tier recreational and sports facility for the community.