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Celebrating Excellence in Redland City – Craft Brew House Shines

Celebrating Excellence in Redland City - Craft Brew House Shines
image courtesy of Facebook | Tracy Robson

The Redlands Business Excellence Awards ceremony on Saturday night was a thrilling celebration of local businesses. Among the notable winners, Craft Brew House received the coveted Business of the Year award, leaving everyone in awe. Craft Brew House, located in picturesque Birkdale, isn’t just a café-bar; it’s a haven for craft beer enthusiasts.

Craft Brew House: Not Just a Name

Even though Craft Brew House seems like a brewery and is located on the breathtaking Redlands Coast, it is much more. While they don’t really make beer, they are proud to have the largest assortment of truly independent craft beer and cider in the area. Additionally striking is their menu, which offers mouthwatering tapas, freshly baked wings, classic burgers, and award-winning pizza.

A Taste of Excellence

Craft Brew House’s dedication to providing a diverse range of craft beer and delicious food has made them stand out. Their commitment to excellence led them to win the Best Small Food and Hospitality Award at the Redlands Business Excellence Awards.

A Night of Surprises

Martin Robson and Tracy Robson, the owners of Craft Brew House, as well as the team, were overjoyed with their initial recognition. Even just receiving the Best Small Food and Hospitality Award was a remarkable accomplishment. However, when they were named Business of the Year, their evening took an unexpected turn.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Martin and Tracy want to express their gratitude to their hardworking staff and loyal customers. Their passion for craft beer and creating a welcoming community with live music at the heart of Birkdale has made them a standout on the Redlands Coast.

In an evening filled with cheer and celebration, Craft Brew House’s success at the Redlands Business Excellence Awards is a testament to its unwavering commitment to providing the Redland City market with the finest craft beer and a warm, inviting atmosphere. They have truly set the standard for excellence in the local business community, and their accolades are well-deserved.

As they continue to pour their passion into Craft Brew House, the Redland City market can expect even more outstanding offerings from this beloved establishment. Cheers to Craft Brew House for setting the bar high and winning customers’ hearts, and to the Redlands Business Excellence Awards committee.

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