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Celebrate the Festive Season at Scribbly Gums Conservation parkrun

Celebrate the Festive Season at Scribbly Gums Conservation parkrun
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Christmas and New Year’s Day Special Events

As the holiday season approaches, Scribbly Gums Conservation Parkrun has exciting news to share with Redland City residents.

This year, the parkrun event, known for its free, fun, and friendly weekly 5k community gatherings, will be hosting special runs on Christmas Day (Monday, 25th December) and New Year’s Day (Monday, 1st January) at 7 a.m.

A Festive Twist on a Beloved Tradition

Parkrun enthusiasts can look forward to a unique way of celebrating the holidays while staying active and connected with their community.

These Christmas and New Year’s Day parkruns are a testament to the vibrant spirit of Redland City, with volunteers dedicating their time to ensure everyone can enjoy their parkwalk or parkrun fix during the festive season.

What is Scribbly Gums Conservation Parkrun?

For those unfamiliar with Scribbly Gums Conservation Parkrun, it’s a weekly event that offers a delightful 5k experience.

Whether you prefer walking, jogging, running, volunteering, or simply spectating, there’s a place for everyone.

Your Saturday Morning Ritual

These park runs are a staple in the Redland City community, taking place every Saturday at 7 a.m. Participants gather at the picturesque Scribbly Gums Conservation Area, located at the corner of Flinders St. and McDonald Road, Alexandra Hills, QLD 4161.

Free, Fun, and Inclusive

The best part? It’s all free! Just remember to register before your first visit. One-time registration with ParkRun is all you need.

Don’t forget to bring your barcode for a timely recording of your run. A friendly reminder: no barcode means no recorded time.

A Festive Community Bonding Experience

These special parkruns are not only about staying active but also about celebrating the joy of the season in the company of your neighbours and friends.

So, don your festive gear, lace up your running shoes, and make your way to Scribbly Gums Conservation Parkrun this Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In the heart of Redland City, these holiday park runs are a perfect way to start your day, embrace the festive spirit, and create lasting memories. 

With the beautiful natural surroundings and the camaraderie of your fellow runners and volunteers, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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