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Revolutionising Water Quality: Redland City’s Trailblazing Solution

Revolutionising Water Quality: Redland City's Trailblazing Solution
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Addressing Foul Smells at Rushwood Estate Dam

In response to community concerns about foul-smelling water at Rushwood Estate Dam in Thornlands, the Redland City Council Parks & Conservation Unit has undertaken a groundbreaking trail project, setting new standards in water quality management.

Innovative Approach to Water Quality

The project, prompted by numerous customer complaints, aimed to enhance water quality and mitigate odour issues at the dam located at 29-37 Carlingford Drive.

The key strategy involved the promotion of beneficial microorganisms, with a focus on diatoms. Rigorous monthly water testing was conducted, supplemented by a treatment solution applied two to three times per week.

Results Speak Volumes

After just two months, the trial has demonstrated remarkable success.

Excessive nutrients, namely ammonia and phosphorous, have been significantly reduced, bringing the dam closer to meeting water quality objectives.

This reduction not only improves the ecological process of decomposition but also enhances the visible water quality.

A Win for the Environment

One of the most noteworthy achievements of the project is the cessation of odour-related complaints from the community.

The implementation of this innovative approach has effectively put an end to the unpleasant smells that plagued the Rushwood Estate Dam.

Biodiversity Flourishes

The positive impacts of the project extend beyond water quality improvements.

Local amateur bird watchers have reported an increase in bird life occurrences, showcasing a healthier ecosystem.

This unexpected but welcome outcome adds a new dimension to the success of the trail, highlighting its positive ripple effect on the local environment.

A Global Inspiration

Redland City’s proactive response to community concerns and innovative approach to water quality management position it as a global inspiration.

The success of this trail not only benefits the local Thornlands community but also sets a precedent for sustainable water management practices that can be emulated on an international scale.

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