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Redland City Minute: Trinity Church Boosts Community Safety with New Hall Defibrillator

Redland City Minute: Trinity Church Boosts Community Safety with New Hall Defibrillator
Image courtesy of Facebook | Wendy Boglary

Grant Success for Trinity Uniting Church Wellington Point

In a positive start to the year, Trinity Uniting Church Wellington Point has installed a new defibrillator in their hall, enhancing community safety and well-being.

The church was the proud recipient of a $2,295 grant from the Redland City Council’s Mayor’s and Councillors’ Grant, a testament to their significant role as a community hub.

Empowering the Community through Safety Initiatives

The grant, championed by Cr. Wendy Boglary reflects the council’s commitment to supporting local institutions that play pivotal roles in community engagement.

Trinity Church, nestled in Marlborough Road, serves as a vital space for various groups, hosting events in its hall, operating an Op Shop, cultivating a community garden, and conducting numerous other church-related activities.

Strategic Investment: A Defibrillator for Every Occasion

The funds were strategically invested in an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and its necessary accessories.

This life-saving equipment is now readily available in case of emergencies, ensuring the safety of individuals utilising Trinity Church property.

Community-Centric Care

Trinity Church’s initiative aligns with the broader mission of Redland Uniting Church, underscoring its duty of care for the community.

The installation of the defibrillator not only highlights a commitment to safety but also positions Trinity Church as a space that prioritises the well-being of its members and visitors.

Looking Ahead: A Year of Positivity and Community Growth

As the new defibrillator stands ready for any unforeseen circumstances, Cr. Wendy Boglary expressed optimism for the year ahead, emphasising the positive impact that Trinity Uniting Church continues to have on the local community.

The church’s multifaceted contributions, coupled with the recent safety enhancement, mark it as an indispensable institution in Redland City’s vibrant tapestry.

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