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Harmonising Hearts: Sing Sing Sing Brings Joy to Redland City

Harmonising Hearts: Sing Sing Sing Brings Joy to Redland City
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Join the Melody of Well-being

In a harmonious initiative, Sing Sing Sing, a choir dedicated to those living with dementia and their carers, is set to resonate through the heart of Redland City.

Founded by Melissa Gill, a seasoned community arts practitioner and qualified singing teacher, this choir offers a unique blend of music, skill-building, and connection.

A Medley of Benefits for Mental Well-being

Research highlights the positive impact of group singing on mental well-being, especially for individuals navigating the challenges of dementia.

Sing Sing Sing recognises this, providing a nurturing space for both those directly affected and their dedicated carers.

Melissa Gill, the Musical Director, not only brings her expertise but also a personal understanding, having cared for a family member with dementia.

Weekly Rhythms in Redlands

Commencing on February 5, 2024, Redland City will witness the uplifting tunes of Sing Sing Sing every Monday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

The Auditorium at Redland Performing Arts Centre will serve as the stage for these heartwarming rehearsals.

Beyond the Notes: Building Connections

Sing Sing Sing is not just about the music; it’s a platform for individuals to forge connections, learn new skills, and relish the joy of singing.

The choir plans to occasionally share their enchanting melodies, allowing others to witness the magic they create together.

Encore for Joy

As the choir strikes its first chord in Redlands, it promises not just a musical experience but a journey towards enhanced well-being.

Sing Sing Sing encapsulates the spirit of unity and resilience, echoing through the voices of its members, creating a harmonious symphony of joy.

For more information and FAQs, click here.

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