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Council Celebrates Success of India Trade Opportunities Event

Council Celebrates Success of India Trade Opportunities Event

In a recent endeavour to boost local businesses, Redland City Council organised a highly successful trade information session, shedding light on promising opportunities for the region’s enterprises to venture into the Indian market.

India Trade Fair Success

Led by Mayor Karen Williams, the “Learn about Export and Trade Opportunities to India” event attracted a robust participation of 30 attendees from over 10 local businesses.

Mayor Williams emphasised the event’s significance, noting the diverse turnout as a testament to Redlands Coast entrepreneurs’ eagerness for such opportunities. She highlighted the vast appeal of India’s dynamic market, spanning a wide array of industries.

“The event underscores Council’s dedication to nurturing local economic growth, encouraging global collaborations, and paving the way for lucrative business prospects for our local enterprises,” Mayor Williams affirmed. She acknowledged the challenges businesses face when entering new markets and reiterated the Council’s commitment to aiding local businesses in becoming ‘export ready.’

Understanding the Importance

Deputy Mayor Julie Talty, who welcomed participants, justified the focus on India, citing the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement’s implementation in December 2022. This agreement has substantially enhanced trade relations, eliminating tariffs on over 85% of Australian exports to India. According to Cr Talty, this opens up remarkable opportunities for Redlands-based businesses to expand their global footprint and stimulate international growth.

The event featured insights from Mr. Abhinav Bhatia, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner at Trade and Investment Queensland for South Asia, based in India. Bhatia shared his expertise on potential export, trade, and investment avenues in India, enriching attendees with valuable knowledge.

Moving Forward

Building on this success, Redland City Council will spearhead a self-funded Redlands Coast trade delegation to the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in India in January 2024. The Council is actively seeking expressions of interest from local businesses keen on joining the delegation to explore export and investment prospects in the Indian market. Check their website here.

For further details about the delegation or to express interest, businesses are encouraged to reach out to Redland City Council’s Economic Development and Investment team at


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