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Andrew Laming’s Mayoral Bid: A Controversial Comeback Attempt

Andrew Laming's Mayoral Bid: A Political Crossroads for Redland City
Image courtesy of Facebook | Andrew Laming

Andrew Laming’s Controversial Comeback Attempt Announced

Andrew Laming, former politician who was a member of the House of Representatives representing the Division of Bowman, Queensland, known for a range of controversies, is setting his sights on the mayoral seat of the Redlands.

Previous Allegations

Despite Laming having faced a barrage of allegations in recent years, ranging from inappropriate behaviour to online harassment.

Accusations further surfaced, pointing towards Laming’s involvement in offensive and disrespectful actions towards women.

From Controversy to Mayoral Aspiration

In a surprising turn of events despite dropping out of politics a few years ago, Laming has expressed interest in running for Mayor of the Redlands.

With the incumbent, also controversial, Mayor Karen Williams, announcing that she will not run for election in 2024, from all the potential candidates that are putting up there hand, it is somewhat unexpected to see Laming’s keenness to return to public representation so soon.

A Political Comeback

Against a backdrop of recent political turbulence in the Redlands that Mayor Williams somehow survived last year, Laming’s pivot towards the Mayoral race suggests an attempt at political redemption.

Following the history of controversy and accountability calls however, the move raises the question of whether the Redlands local community are willing to support a candidate with a such recent history of troubles.

Either way, this new announcement is sure to become keenly debated Redlands news.

Time For A Change?

As the Redlands finds itself at a crossroads where the decision on its leader will not only shape local policies but also send a message about the tolerance for controversy in Australian politics, it’s worth reading a little bit about all the candidates running for the top local job in 2024.

Here are some links to the other Redlands Mayoral contenders, below:


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